The top hat, monocle and mustachio have come to symbolize rich fat cats with lots of money. That image inspired the name of this blog, where we don the money monocle to look into matters of money, retirement and proper attire1. Hence comes the name, moneycle.

Who Am I

I’m a geek from Denver, Colorado – a geek by trade and by nature. I enjoy the thinking about the math of investing. I enjoy figuring out ways to put money to work so I don’t have to. And I enjoy sharing my thoughts so that, hopefully, we can help you figure out how to retire early too.

Because of my geeky inclinations, this blog is hosted on github pages and you are free to check out the source on github. But you don’t have to be a geek to appreciate this blog. While some posts may end up being a bit more technical than others, my ultimate goal is to be approachable by anyone who is interested in matters of money and retirement.

So please, read, learn and discuss. Together we can make the world a more retired place, one monocle at at time.

  1. hint: pants are optional in retirement